Psycho-Physical Therapy

Explorations in Somatic Psychotherapy

The Psycho-Physical Therapy Institute Offers Extended Professional Level Trainings

CEs Available for MFTs, LCSWs, & LPCs


Please Note: Due to health reasons Bill Bowen has canceled all scheduled lectures, workshops, and trainings.
You are invited to go to if you wish to find out more information about Bill’s condition and progress.


Professional Training in Somatic Resourcing
Note: This is the last time this training will be offered.

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8 three-day weekends (24 full days - 150 class hours)

Apr 15-17, May 20-22, Jun 24-26, July 29-31, Sept 16-18, Nov 11-13 2016,
Jan 27-29 2017 Mar 24-26, 2017

Class Hours: Friday 2:00 - 6:30, Saturday 9:30 - 6:00, Sunday 9:30 - 6:00

Tuition: $4,000 if paid in full by Jan. 30th, 2016, $4,300 thereafter. Student discount is available

Location: McKinnon Body Therapy Center, 2940 Webster St, Oakland, CA

The PPT Professional Somatic Resourcing Training is designed to give psychotherapists a practical understanding of the anatomy, biomechanics, and psychology of a client's somatic patterns and movements in a way that is clear, accessible and directly applicable to psychotherapeutic practice. The Somatic Resourcing Training is experientially based allowing therapists to both deeply experience how the body moves as well as understand how to use movement and touch as psycho-physical interventions in their work.


Professional Training in Somatic Psychotherapy

Note: There are no plans at this time to offers this training in Calif.

6 three day weekends (111 class hours)

This professional experiential training provides you with many of the models and skills necessary to create and utilize somatic interventions for working with the core issues that form the foundation of your client’s unrest and suffering. You will gain skills that will allow you to develop fluency in working seamlessly between psychological and physical issues. You will learn to build new psycho-physical resources that support your clients in becoming more flexible, creative, and healthy individuals. You will learn to build the therapeutic relationship based on collaboration and open heartedness. You will come away from the training with a practical understanding of how utilizing the body, as the central vehicle for the therapeutic process, facilitates and deepens your client’s growth, transformation, and realization.


Touch, Bodywork and Psychotherapy

This training will no longer be offered.

3 three day weekends (54 class hours)

Being embodied is central to all living processes. Without a body there is no life, as we know it. If the body is indeed central to living experience then it surely must have significant value in the psychological healing process. This experiential course investigates the appropriate use of touch and hands-on interventions that access, deepen, and explore psychological and emotional organization. The primary focus of the course is to provide the knowledge and skills needed to successfully integrate touch and hands-on work in clinical practice.


Somatic Approaches to Couples Therapy

This training will no longer be offered.

4 three-day weekends (72 class hours)

The Professional Training in a Somatic Approach to Couples Therapy, is an in-depth, experiential and didactic course of study in the practice of somatic psychotherapy as applied to working with couples. Because physical and psychological issues are always interactive and influential, a somatic approach is a powerful tool in successfully accessing and transforming the relational issues couples bring to therapy. Understanding how to work with the body, in a relational psychotherapy practice, enhances the depth and effectiveness of the therapeutic work.